Non-standard DR Alchemy Recipes

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Check out Oramiwe's beautiful and informative study on the Art of Making tea.

Aloe Balm Recipe

It's a pretty easy formula, but it looks to be pretty hard to mix (maybe around 150 lessons mech lore to start) and will heal external skin wounds:

The simplest formula:
1 part seolarn pulp + 1 part almond oil + 1 part aloe pulp

You can vary the amount of each needed and still come out successful.
With the aloe pulp, you can also use 'dried aloe pulp', however other variations of aloe don't work (ie. dried aloe).  It has to be a 'pulp'.  Also, it must be seolarn for a catalyst, the others will not be successful.

Aevaes Solution and Lujeakave Elixir Recipes

  • Ebenyzer says, "Primarily I have two new mixes."
  • Ebenyzer gets a flask of aevaes solution from inside his wool coat.
  • Ebenyzer says, "This one takes care of internal eye wounds."
  • Ebenyzer says, "It's a mixture of sufil sap, eghmok potion, and a catalyst."
  • Ebenyzer gets a phial of lujeakave elixir from inside his wool coat.
  • Ebenyzer says, "For nerves..."
  • Ebenyzer says, "Now this one is a bit more difficult and expensive to make."
  • Ebenyzer says, "It is a combination of ithor potion, ojhenik potion, and a catalyst."
  • Farman asks, "any catalyst?"
  • Ebenyzer says, "Yeah but of course the more potent the catalyst the better."
  • Ebenyzer says, "Because this one is a very tough mix."
  • Beeya asks, "what is the more potent catalyst?"
  • Ebenyzer says, "Prolly home brewed dracon crystals."
  • Ebenyzer says, "If yer skilled enough."
  • Ebenyzer says, "These are straight mixes not tinctures."

The simplest formula for Aevaes Solution:
1 part catalyst (any kind) + 1 part sufil sap/paste + 1 part eghmok potion

The simplest formula for Lujeakave Elixir:
1 part catalyst (any kind) + 1 part ithor potion + 1 part ojkenik potion

Sanbidaya has provided information that 2 lessons into Proficient
Practitioner in mech lore (72), he was able to make the Elixir.  He was unable to do so just 1 lesson in.  Thank you for the information!

I have started a page with some of the more unusual alchemy related creations. While these are not all considered IG-secrets (and I have purposely left off poison making for now), there are some fun little trial and error items to make that not everyone would want to get cheats on.

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