Kythryn's Journal: Ilithi Empath page


Please find below links as they pertain to the Ilithi empath organization!

  For specific information about the Empath Command:
     ~find the triage locations and codes here
     ~find the Command summary here
     ~Ilithi Militia Command Structure here

Find the edited logs from the empath gatherings here:
     ~first empath gathering here
     ~second empath gathering here
     ~first triage summit here
     ~2002 conversation with GM Towint here
     ~Empath Guild meeting Feb 2004 here

The first of my alternate maps can be viewed here.  These maps contains all 3 mana types.  Look for the 'bolded' outline of rooms, which indicate glowing or better in all 3 mana types, as possible triage centers.

We've started creating a network to supply herbs for all citizens, and have herb pouches ready for distribution to all Ilithi empaths and clerics who would like one.  We also have spare sets available for purchase.
Herb Kit Information (purchase)
Herb Hunt Instructions (help with preparation)

I have been adding all the herbs I've been finding to the database Olwydd has set up on his site, which you can find here:

Its searchable.  Its easy to find stuff.  Go check it out.

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