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Triage and Healing Transfer Points


Paladin Transfer Point - outside the Paladin Tower (SW part of town)
Tower Transfer Point -
north side of the great tower
Vaalrin Transfer Point
- outside the Vaalrin House which is located 3 paces NE of the Great Tower
Safe Spot Transfer Point - adan'f safe spot

Triage Locations and Codes

Black Central - Temp. of Darkness
Red Central - Painted Ladies home shop
Green Central - Liani's Tavern
White Central - Stormwill Tower

Outside Shard:
White North - White Bridge
Green North - Fayrin's Rest Housing
Red North - SCC Berengaria Shrine
Black North - Fortress Chapel
White East - East gate by gap
Red East - east gate prairie
Black South - Corik's Wall chapel
Black West - Horse Clan grove

Combat Rally Locations and Codes

Muddy Waters - riverbank by Trader Tower
North Circle - North Entrance to the Great Tower (outside)
Rabbit - one south of the east gate.
Marble - The statue of Damaris
Pearl Arch - Outside the Paladin Tower

Outside Shard:

Triage Locations

1. Code name - Black Central:
Temple of Darkness, one pace north of the entrance.

The Temple of Darkness is west of the great tower, and rich holy and life mana can be found one pace north of the entrance. Further, those needing to depart to regain life can find access from resurrection altars in both temples without venturing into the danger of the open streets of the city. If they depart to the Temple of Light they may return to the triage spot, with the aid of a cleric, via a portal between the two temples.

The portal between the temples can be found two steps north and one step east of the entrance to the Temple of Darkness, or one step north of the entrance to the Temple of Light. We will also be having fissures cast at this location to help suppliment the elemental mana in the area.

2. Code name - Red Central:
Painted Ladies wall décor shop.

The Painted ladies shop offers rich elemental, holy and life mana, and is located north of the Great Tower, past the inner gate, three strides north and two northwest. A charming vine-covered shop is nestled amongst homes there, and despite the inferences of the name of the shop, the proprietor conducts a tidy home design trade which happens to provide rich mana and multiple rooms for triage activities. Please let us know of any steps needed to appropriate this shop for provincial activities.

3. Code name - Green Central:
Liani's Heaven Tavern.

Liani's Heaven is well known in the area for the fine elemental, life and holy mana available there, and is located five strides southwest of the Great Tower. The proprietor has long granted triage activities in this establishment.

4. Code name - White Central:
Empath Guild, Stormwill Tower.

This tower is located three strides north and northwest of the west gate, and has both life and holy mana, although found at different locations within the walls. This guild tower has long been considered within public domain and has been used for triage activities in the past.

5. Code name - White North:
Over the White Bridge, Edge of the Wood, Western Riverbank.

The White Bridge is located along the Southern Trade Route, approximately halfway between Shard and the Gondola, at the Edge of the Wood on the Western Riverbank. This is the first fallback triage location, for use in the event the city is overrun. Further, the path east of the bridge leads to the Shrine to the Dragon, and the Resurrection altar for areas north of the bridge, including the Dragon's Spine mountains, under the waterfall, and the Snowbeast hunting grounds north of the Gondola. While this is in the open, the single entrance point makes it a defensible location.

6. Code name - Green North:
Fayrin's Rest, Modren Daelfa.

Modren Daelfa is a housing area that can be accessed using a northwest fork off the Southern Trade Route, SW then W from the path leading to the Obsidian Pass and the Gondola. The specific triage spot chosen is two paces northwest and one pace west of the main road, and there is fine life and holy mana in the area. While this is in the open, the single entrance point makes it a defensible location.

7. Code name - Red North:
Steelclaw Clan Berengaria Shrine.

Outside the Steelclaw Clan wall along the path, head northish until 1 pace before the path ends.  You will see a simple shrine to the Goddess Berengaria here.  There is good mana for life, holy and elemental, and is outdoors for the rangers.  You will also depart to the White Bridge Dragon Shrine from here, not back to the City.

8. Code name - Black North:
Chyolvea Tayeu’a chapel.

Located near the entry doors to the Elven fortress, this place provides adequate life and holy mana.  Unfortunately, the entire citadel is not rich in life or holy mana, but this location should provide for basic triage requirements, and is located at the depart-to area for easy retrieval of items.

9. Code name - White East:
Abandoned Road, Meadow dead end:

This meadow is found at the gap leading to the prairie east of Shard, on a southeast branch in the road. This is close to the East Gate and the nighttime path used to travel south of Shard. Again, rich mana is to be found for triage helpers, and the single entrance makes it defensible. A local shepherd uses this meadow for his flock, and his dogs may prove to be helpful first alerts for attack attempts.

10. Code name - Red East
Haizen Jan Aradan, Prairie, Center Room:

Taking the gap from the end of the east road, you head east through jackals to the path that will take you to the South Road. Heading north then SE, you follow the road around until you move east through the prairie, stopping when you see the pink vetch blossoms in the center of area with the 6-way intersection. This spot provides an out of the way, out of town location for triage that has excellent elemental, life and holy mana.

11. Code name  - Black South:
Corik's Wall, Chantry and Eastern Corridor.

From the gate, you head east past the Field Medic tent, climb the stairs and go through the first door you see.  Moving one pace west, you'll find an excellent spot for healing and for the elemental mana.  Through the altar you find an area for rejuvinating and also the altar where you depart to in this area.

12. Code name - Black West:
Gilen Otso Steppes, Prairie Grove, Right by the Altar.

Taking the path out of Horse Clan, go 4 paces along the road and take the path to the grove.  The immediate room has the depart-to altar, and is perfect for holy mana to help with the dead.  The room north of this, with a raise power, will be suitable for healing, or the wounded can be shuttled back to the Clan proper, where there is nice life mana near the path.

Combat Rally Locations

  1. Code Name - Muddy Waters:
    Search at the bridge next to the Traders tower.  Go bank. (riverbank)

  2. Code Name - North Circle:
    North Entrance to the Great Tower (outside)

  3. Code Name - Rabbit:
    Go gate then just one south of the east gate.

  4. Code Name - Marble:
    The statue of Damaris (NE of North Circle)

  5. Code Name - Pearl Arch:
    Outside the Paladin Guild


Again, please contact me (Kythryn) directly in game if you have any questions, or you can drop me an email here if I'm not around.