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[The Great Tower, Chamber of Voices]

This room is a touch chilly despite the red carpet that has been laid down on the floor.  Aisles of polished wooden benches allow for around seventy Human adults to sit in comfortably.  A raised dais occupies the rear of the room, an ornate podium rising up in front of it.  You also see a stone seat and a silvery-white snow leopard who is sitting.

Also in the room: Gromnir, Outrider Forgenash, Buffoon Vidumavi, Ambassador Rayth, Healer Damaria, Kirmiko Lennede who is sitting, Guild Leader K'miriel who is sitting, Valkyrie Drexella, Aleyden, Ranger Kerella, Soldier Maulem, Mercy Amorisse, Wynsbirth who is sitting, Battle Empath Deme who is sitting, Lord Marshal Leucius who is sitting, Kaith Partani Edenlaen who is sitting, Philosopher Leonella, Laarth, G'nar Pethian Vivviane, Daxlynn who is sitting, Master Empath Kattandra, Kyetn, Master Telein who is sitting, and Healer Gweneviere who is sitting.

Obvious exits: out.













and, that’s all she wrote for empath gathering number one…