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The Prioan Sarien
The courageous band of empaths and warriors sworn to support the Ilithi infantry.
Please refer back to this page often, I will update strategies and rosters as they change.  With the status of the Ilithi militia in flux, I will update this page as necessary...

Field team   *   Triage team   *   Commanders Guard & Healing Rotations   *   On Call

triage locations

-Field teams – Lt. Lennede (on temporary leave) and Lt. Telein:

-Lennede and Telein work in tandem to recruit and train the core members.

-Will move as a single team or as 2 teams to provide assistance at the front line(s) with a battle trained empath and warrior group.  Strategy to be determined on a battle to battle basis at the decision of the Lt.’s.  May be directed by Commander Silverspruce to focus on areas of fighting depending on intelligence received from the command network.

-Empaths will be at the front lines or immediately behind depending on skill, and will provide emergency healing to stunned, dying and mortally wounded warriors in the attempt to prevent death.  Empaths will provide full healing only at each empaths discretion, with the primary goal to be to ‘snatch from death’ mortally wounded warriors.

-Warriors on this team will have the primary responsibility of laying down cover for the empaths, secondary responsibility of dragging stunned or dying people from the line, tertiary responsibility to supplement stationed warriors at the combat line with critters until they are called away by primary duties.  These priorities may be reassigned by the Lt.’s depending on the warriors in the team at any given time.

-Lennede is keeper of the field ‘on call’ list and will be responsible for mobilizing non-core team members.


-Triage teams – Lt. Renala and Lt. Mentallo:

-Kilaana and Renala work in tandem to recruit and train the core members.

-Will organize the stationary triage locations based on a battle to battle strategy.  Options for standard locations and mobile locations will be tested out once war breaks out.  Will be responsible for the primary rejuvenation, warding and scar healing from dead warriors from all commands.

                -Clerics will be responsible for the rejuvenation of memories.  If possible, they will also assist in the healing of the spirit of the recently departed to expedite the warrior’s return to battle.

                -Paladins will be responsible for the warding of the bodies to assist in quick retrieval of items and to lower losses to lost graves, etc.  Paladins will also hold onto weapons and shields recovered from battle lines, and will work to return these items to their original owners.  If the triage falls under attack, if possible these Paladins will first get word to the defense team of the attack, and then if possible, begin assault on the attackers or banner the room until help can arrive.

                -Bards will work to provide the triage area with enchants to assist as they can.  Bards will be utilized as runners to assist with the departed returning to their items, and if necessary, with helping to coordinate with the field and defense teams to bring the bodies to the triage.  If possible, the Bards will also assist in defense of the triage areas if they fall under attack.

                -Empaths will work on healing the departed of their scars and be available for warriors that come into the triage for full healings.  Empaths may be used as runners to assist with the departed returning to their items, and if necessary, with helping to coordinate with the field and defense teams to bring the bodies to the triage.  If the triage falls under attack, the empaths should be prepared to evacuate the area as quickly as possible to a designated fall back spot in order to limit casualties.

-Will organize METH teams (Mobile Empathic Triage and Healing) if it is a better plan for the current battle.  These triage teams will perform the same as the stationary teams, but will be quick response teams that will set up in defendable locations closer to the fighting if bringing casualties to a stationary triage is not viable.

-Healing Rotations – Com. Kythryn:

-Will move between the commanders and their troops, and full-heal troops.  This should provide the benefit of healing troops without having to pull them completely off the front lines to seek it out.  Each Commander should decide how they will coordinate their own troops in order to fully utilize the Volunteer Empath while they have them.

-Com. Silverspruce will contact each Field Commander in turn via secure means, and inquire if they and their teams need an empath. If so, a Volunteer Empath will be sent to that Commanders location.  These empaths will be prepared to heal in safe to moderate risk areas, where potential for attack is acceptable, but not necessarily desirable.  Commanders are asked to provide protection to these empaths when they are healing their teams if we do not provide an escort.

-Commanders Guard - Com. Kythryn:

-Team works to coordinate the field and triage teams, working to set up runner systems/moon gates, coordinating the dragging of bodies, etc.

-Team coordinates to help with the siege weapons as needed.

-Team mobilizes to defend the triage if it falls under attack.  Will be responsible for quick mobilization to limit casualties.

-Moon Mage and Paladin to assist with the ‘emergency evacuation’ of the field teams and high number casualties, gating the casualties to the triage location.  May coordinate with moon mages with the field teams for this as well.

-Will scout out any new areas if discovered during the course of the battles and determine mana levels and forgeables, hidden rooms and paths, etc.

-Will work to escort team members and people as requested by the Commander quickly to the front lines if necessary, via trails, moon gate, etc.  If escorting a Volunteer Empath, may decide to stay and offer protection, each situation to be decided by the Defense Team member doing the escort.

-Guard for Commander Silverspruce

Call when needed (not on active duty):



Again, please contact me (Kythryn) directly in game if you have any questions, or you can drop me an email here if I'm not around.