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Thank you for participating in an Herb Hunt!

I have prepared a few directions to help you out and to (hopefully) make things progress quickly and smoothly.
Please do not hesitate to ask questions if you get stuck on something!

To make the potions/salves/teas/etc:

  1. forage and then dry herb (with pyramid or ranger beseech)
  2. crush herb to powder if it is one of the following, otherwise skip to step 3
    1. eghmok moss
    2. plovik leaf
    3. riolur leaf
    4. hulnik grass
    5. nilos grass
    6. georin grass
    7. blocil berries
  3. COMBINE <herb> with other like-herbs to attain the proper dosage, using COUNT MY <herb>to check the number.  Use BREAK <herb> to reduce the size if needed.
    1. Jadice Flower (external limb) - 18 doses
    2. Yelith Root/Potion (internal limb) - 16 doses
    3. Nilos Salve (external abdomen) - 8 doses
    4. Muljin Paste (internal abdomen) - 8 doses
    5. Hulnik Potion (external back) - 8 doses
    6. Blocil Potion (internal back) - 8 doses
    7. Georin Salve (external neck) - 8 doses
    8. Riolur Leaf/Tea (internal neck) - 8 doses
    9. Nemoih Root/Potion (external head) - 8 doses
    10. Eghmok Potion (internal head) - 8 doses
    11. Sufil Paste (external eye) - 8 doses
    12. Plovik Tea (external chest) - 8 doses
    13. Cebi Root (all external scar) - 6 doses
    14. Jadice Pollen (limb external scar) - 6 doses
  4. crush enough seolarn weed and COMBINE PULPs in order to meet the required dosage listed above for your herb (it can be more, but must be at least the amount listed)
  5. put herb and seolarn (or other catalyst) into mixing container.  Suggested containers might be:
    1. a fletching pouch
    2. a clay jug
    3. a large jar (small jars may not hold all items)
    4. an herb pouch
  6. holding vial and mixing container, FILL VIAL WITH WATER FROM <source> then POUR VIAL INTO MY <container>, and repeat until you have required dosage listed above
  7. close mixing container, and SHAKE MY <container>
  8. remove mixed solution and put aside to give to the organizer

Again, please contact me (Kythryn) directly in game if you have any questions, or you can drop me an email here if I'm not around.