Water Locations

The syntax for filling an item from a fresh water source is:
fill my <container> with water from <source>
or in some cases, simply
fill my <container> with water

  • Water from the alchemist shops, and most store bought 'some water' will work.
  • Water from most swimming locations will also work.  If you leave an area wet (ie. you get the messaging as you dry off), that water can be filled into a container for mixing.  For instance, Crossing goblin brook, Shard fallow field inlet, Riverhaven west gate streams, etc.  Often, not every room in these areas will give you water though, so move around until you find a spot. The syntax for filling your container from these will often use the shorter syntax above, in which case you want to pour the water into a nested container so you are not re-filling your vial with the same water over and over.
  • Many thanks to the following people for addtions to the list:
  • Olwydd's site, water locations

Water from things like pools, fountains, etc. I have come across are now listed over on Elanthipedia. Please feel free to add to the list there as you find new sources!

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