January 2022 - I've updated the Su Helmas map and have created a map for the new Taffelberry Faire area as well. I am currently up in Therengia, and will be working on finishing up a comprehensive update to that provience that I started back in 2020 (!). I'll work to get those updated here ASAP. With all the downtime we collectively had the last couple years, I'd hoped to do a full update of all the maps, but that didn't work out as planned. Fingers crossed I'll careve out the time this year, with all the Tuesday Tidings releases the GM's have done there is a lot of new stuff to add!

The  misc section has links and anything else that doesn't fit under maps, herbs or alchemy, including Elanthian Flowers page. I have also begun migrating the flowers page over to Elanthipedia, and have stopped updating my flower page here.

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last update by Kythryn Silverspruce was on January 23rd, 2022.

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