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Altars of Elanthia

Here is a listing of all the devotional altars I've come across in my travels. Some are not 'an altar', and some may not be useful for devotional use. However, each has a strong association with a specific Immortal. I have also made a note on ones that are aligned with the pilgrim badges at the time. I do suggest checking back on them periodically, as new ones are often added into the system.


Langenfirth and Theren
Rossman's Landing
  • Kertigen altar - Altar in the Chapel of Kertigen at Rossgallan Keep
Riverhaven and Throne City
  • Hodierna altar - Altar in the abandoned church in Throne City, Angiswaerd Hatchling hunting area
  • Kertigan shrine - Shrine along the NTR east of the crossroads to the crocodile marsh
  • Ushnish shrine - Slab in the Gate of Souls temple.
Arthe Dale/Kaerna Village
Crossing and Immediate Surrounding Areas

Crossing Temple

Leth Deriel

Ilaya Taipa

Fayrinís Rest/SCC
Gilen Otso Steppes/Horse Clan
Corik's Wall, Blackthorn Canyon, etc.
Aesry Surlaenis'a
  • Phelim altar - driftwood near the boulder by Poke. Beach
  • Drogor shrine - Seerah Wreck
Mer'kresh and M'Riss

Ain Ghazal


  • Zachriedek Altar - Temple of Kertigen in Hibarnhvidar
  • Kertigen Altar - Temple of Kertigen in Hibarnhvidar
  • Divyaush Altar - Temple of Kertigen in Hibarnhvidar
  • Albreda Altar - Albreda's Shrine in Outer Hibarnhvidar

Raven's Point

Boar Clan

  • Hav'roth altar - boulder down the ravine on Hawstkaal Road
  • Everild altar - tent in Grassy Vale housing area
  • Zachriedek altar - raccoon statue in Cleric Guild courtyard
  • Asketi (?) altar - main altar in Cleric Guild

Restricted Access Altars

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