Here is a bare-bones guide to the basic alchemy process in DR.

The following are my notes on the way I prepare foraged healing herbs for use. It should be noted that not all herbs are more potent when made into a potion/salve/etc., and many that should be processed would also benifit from being dried first. Please check out my Herb Potency page for a listing of the results found during my testing.

To make any potion/salve/tea you can follow the following formula:

1 part herb pulp/powder + 1 part catalyst + 1 part water (shake or mix) = 1 part potion/salve/tea


8 parts herb pulp/powder + 8 parts catalyst + 8 parts water (shake or mix) = 8 parts potion/salve/tea

All the items need to be COMBINED into 1 large group.  For example, if you need 4 parts pulp, it needs to be 1 pulp with a COUNT of 4, not 4 pulps with a COUNT of 1.  Same goes for liquids, which can be combined using the POUR verb.

COUNT your items as you're preparing them to determine the number of parts they have.  You can COMBINE like items together to increase the parts, or BREAK them to make them smaller.  You can count all the items you are working with, including the water.

Some useful syntax:

  • BREAK my <item> <half/piece>
  • COMBINE <item> (when holding 2 of the same things)
  • COUNT my <item>
  • CRUSH <item> in my mortar with my pestle
  • POUR  my <container1/potion/water/etc> <part/half/most> into my <container2>

There are different methods to making the prepared herb.  If you have a closeable jar, simply put the items into the jar, close the jar, then SHAKE your jar. If you have an open jar or bowl, you will also need a mixing stick.  Place all three elements (herb pulp, catalyst and water) into the jar/bowl, and with the stick, mix them until you have created your prepared herb.  You can also use any closeable box, pouch, backpack, etc. with nothing else in it, put the three elements into it, close the object and shake it until you have your prepared herb.

  • pulp/powder: by putting your foraged/bought herb into a mortar and crushing it, you will create one of these
  • catalyst: in order from strongest to weakest, dracon, tukai, seolarn, glaysker. You will need to crush the dracon crystals or the tukai stones into a powder, then simply put them into your container for mixing. Seolarn weed can be foraged many places, crush it into a pulp to make it an active catalyst. Glaysker flower, also foraged, must be dried and crushed into a paste to make into an active catalyst.
  • water: water from the alchemist, and most store bought 'some water' will work. There are also many containers available into which you can FILL from natural water sources around Elanthia.  You can also POUR water back and forth between containers.

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